What is activated charcoal

They say that opposites attract, and we are here to prove it! We know that whitening your teeth by brushing them with a black powder sounds counter productive, but your smile and activated coconut shell charcoal are actually a match made in a beachside heaven!

Activated charcoal has long been relied upon by many as a source of detoxification. Once activated, the charcoal becomes more porous, allowing it to absorb toxins in the body. It is this property that also makes activated coconut shell charcoal the perfect natural teeth whitening product.

 Activated charcoal will bind to and absorb the stain causing bacteria and toxins in your mouth, whilst drawing out those tough set in stains. Coffee lover? Wine connoisseur? Too busy to remember to floss? It doesn’t matter! With our natural teeth whitening product, you can enjoy life without having to worry about the effect on your smile – XOXO SMILES will fight tobacco, wine and coffee discolouration, will aid in the removal of plaque, and rid your mouth of toxins and bacteria that can lead to gum disease.


What’s more, unlike traditional, chemical based teeth whitening solutions, our natural alternative is guaranteed to not cause sensitivity.


Show your mouth some love with XOXO SMILES!